Thursday, March 7, 2013

North Carolina to Brazil!

i was able to talk to kason on the phone before he flew to North Carolina! for some reason he wasn't able to email much on his p-day, but the stake president just got his itinery and....he's going to brazil!!! on monday! i don't know any of the details but in he meantime here's some pictures from the mtc and north carolina:

elder kendall and elder murdock

some elders from the mtc district

elder kendall and elder everett

"madness in north carolina"

his trainers in north carolina

elder haddock, elder parry, and elder kendall

elder kendall and elder worthen

elder kendall and elder woolstenhulme

elder nielson and elder worthen - two of kason's favorites

i miss my brother like crazy but i am so excited for his next adventure!

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