Sunday, March 24, 2013

3/4/13 - in north carolina

We actually got this email on 3/11, the day kason flew out to brazil!!

Hello everyone,
This has been a crazy week. I'm sorry about the calling situation mom. They made it sound like the card had a lot of minutes and it didn't. I will get to skype on mother's day. My trainer's names are Elder Hales and Elder Steenson. They are zone leaders and I really like being around them. The first night we flew in we stayed at the mission home. I really like President Craven, and his wife Sister Craven. He is strict, but he is very professional. They stressed with the Assistant's the importance of being confident, and dignified as we are representing the savior. They do this technique called harvesting here that is really good. We knock on a door and tell them we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we would like to come in and bless their home. If they let us we leave the Savior's peace and blessing on them and try to set up a return appointment. I can't believe I've only been here a week. There are some amazing new convert families. Most the people we teach are black, but most of the members are white. This one family the Bowie's who I really love, are bringing a lot of people into the gospel. I really am loving it here. I'm doing my best to be diligent and obedient. We do get to listen to music as long as it's uplifting and in line with our purpose. We listen a lot to the Nasvhille Missionary Tribute Band. Haha I've never liked country, but when it's one of the few things you can listen to it starts to sound good. So my very first night as we were knocking we came in contact with a potential investigator who's nickname is Tree. He's about 6 foot 8 and 300 pounds. We were talking about religion and he was getting excited and yelling about truth. " I told him every religion has some truth, but this is the full truth." It was really crazy. It's really important to be bold here. You need to be loving, but it's important to tell investigators what they need to hear, especially when they aren't keeping commitments. A lof of the people we teach are very humble, but they aren't the most stable of people. I feel really comfortable teaching already. One day we knocked on a door and tried to bless the home. It was this old couple, but instead they had us come in and sing with them. He played a banjo and we sang " How Great Thou Art." I have had some really crazy experiences here already. This one day we went and checked up on an old investigator and taught her. At the end of the lesson she started crying and said " I'm really stressed out, and if you hadn't come today I don't know if I would be here tomorrow." She had a daughter there. It was really kind of sad. I'm glad we were doing what we were supposed to. We aren't supposed to email friends in this mission so can you forward my emails. The members here are great and we have a dinner appointment every single night. I still think about home a lot, but it's not as much about missing it. It's more motivation to work, so I can feel good about my mission when I come back. One quote I really like that President Craven said was " You only have 2 years to serve a mission and an eternity to think about it." I saw a cockroach today in the bathroom. It's pretty humid here. I think I'll be here into the summer, which is alright. It gets really hot here in the summer. I'm good with that because I need to get used to heat with humidity as much as I can. Elder Dan Fisher is in my apartment. He went to Bountiful High and was in my seminary class twice. It's kind of frustrating here. Almost everyone has faith in Jesus Christ, but they think they can go to their Non-Denominational Church and do whatever they want and they will still be saved. People don't realize faith without works is dead. I'm feeling the spirit a lot and I think I'm becoming the kind of man I want to be. I make my companions laugh a lot, and I've realized I can be way funny even without Pierre. Elder Hales is getting transfered tomorrow. He is probably my favorite in the apartment. Alright well I love you all and hope to here from you soon. Send me a letter, because I need mail to get a free library card. If not I have to pay 2 dollars every time. My address is
6300 1-A Cameron Forest Lane
Charlotte, NC 28210
Kandis I've heard about Dan Lalli a lot since I'm also from Bountiful. I've heard he is a really good missionary. My trainers have told me is very bold and confident when he teaches. I also talked to Alyssa Eyring at the MTC she is really nice.
-Elder Kendall

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