Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 7 in MTC: 2/15/13

Hey everyone!
Well last night my companion got really sick so I went back to residence with him. I got to write some letters and study a little bit while he slept. There were some polynesians going crazy doing a work out down stairs. You know their yells they always do. My companion slept through it though. So Brother Christofferson I told you about him in the email last week. I seriously love this guy. This week he was teaching us and he got on a tangeant with spiritual gifts. It was something I greatly needed to here. He said that he had the gift of Discernment. I think I've learned what my spiritual gift is. It is really cool. It's kind of in my patricarchal blessing, but I don't know if I've always had. I think it's something I've developed a little bit. I haven't gotten a hair cut in 5 weeks. I didn't sign up on time the last 2 weeks, but I got signed up on time for this week and will get one today. Missionaries are supposed to be clean cut, but this is the longest my hair has been in atleast a year. It's because they don't want you to cut your own here. I'm debating if I should send my hair cut kid back home. It's 4 pounds and it might make it easier to make my weight requirements. Mom thanks for the valentine's package and card. Also thanks for the jump rope. I think that will be a really good form of exercise when my companion won't let me go run. I'm not going to lie this food is starting to become horrible to me. Someone said it's like the church's food storage and bishop store house food.  I don't think it's real, and even the things that are supposed to be healthy aren't. I kind of understand though because they have to feed 4,000 missionaries 3 meals a day. That's one thing I'm way excited for is eating real food. I meet Brazilians here all the time, and I love them. Brazilians are the nicest coolest people in the world. Besides my companion right now I think I'll like the Brazilians and get along with them better than the Americans. The other night I had a really cool experience where I was teaching someone and my friend was baring testimony about Christ and the spirit was very strong. I felt a prompting and after he was done speaking I turned to the investigator and said " How do you feel right now?" He said " I feel good, and happy!" I told him that that was the Holy Ghost bearing witness to him that this is true. I then asked him if he would be baptized and he said yes. It was a very good spiritual experience. I've learned that all good things come from god, and so if something good comes into your head, don't question whether it's your own thoughts or the spirit. That can be how the spirit communicates. I hope everything is going well with all of you. Haha so this week I got to my room and there was a note that said to get the room clean, because two new elders were moving in on Wednesday. We already have 4 in our room, and don't have extra beds or closet space. They were also delivering bunkbeds to dorms this week. I thought they had make a mistake, but we went in on Wednesday and there was luggage on my bed and some on the floor. There was also two new mattresses leaned up against the wall. I couldn't believe it. Later that night other Elder's from my district came in and asked for their mattresses back. They had planned the whole thing out and found that note. It actually made me really thankful that even though the rooms are small, we atleast have our own beds, desks, and closet space. I hope you all have a great week. Eu amo vocês!
                                                 -Elder Kendall

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