Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 6 2/8/13

Hey everyone! This week kind of went by fast, but not really at the same time. We had fast sunday on sunday. The way it is set up for us is that we have dinner at 4:30 on Saturday night, and then gym 5:15-6:15. Then there are no more meals served at the mtc and we have dinner at 5:30 on Sunday. Dad to answer your question we are only supposed to read emails and send them on Friday. We can read letters at night on any day. We used to be able to read letters during the day, but Elder Redmond was having a hard time focusing after getting a letter from his girl friend every single day. He would sit, read, and ponder instead of studying and now no one in our district can read them until night... One thing that stood out to me a few weeks ago in a district meeting Brother Christofferson who is a counselor in our Branch Presidency told us that there were people that had bugged him and he didn't really like. He told us an apostle told him if we sincerely pray to be able to love them that Christ will take the hate out or our hearts. He said he did this and it worked for him. Brother Christofferson is related to Elder Christofferson. I trule belive his words. Another night he told us a story of when his son's wife was pregnant and a few months before she had the baby there were complications. They called him to come and give a blessing. On the way he prayed to know what to say, and he said he felt like the spirit told him to say what came to his mind and that it would be honored. He went and gave a blessing that everything woul be fine and the baby would be healthy. The complications were very serious and the chances were that the baby would either die, or be handicapped. The night he told us this he smiled and told us he was going to his grandson's ninth birthday party tomorrow and that he has been healthy his whole life. He told us he was glad he was thankful for the priesthood and that he had been worthy to exercise it. I believe this story. Elder Perkes is now gone. I'm glad I got to see him again here in the MTC. Have a great week everyone. Eu amo voces.
-Elder Kendall

Elder Ginez

Elder Kendall and Elder Perkes

Elder Brady

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