Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 5 2/1/13

Hey everyone!
It seems like last p-day was not very long ago. So Kohle's visa didn't come and he got reassigned. Haha guess where? Salt Lake City South...... That sounds horrible. He was supposed to have a reassignment sooner, but the travel agency wasn't on top of it. I feel like my portuguese is coming along great. The future and past conjugations can be a little hard, but I feel like I'm getting it. Last Saturday for gym time I ran a 23:45 for 4 miles. We did companion exchanges for a few lessons this week. I had Elder Madrid and Woolstenhulme. It made me realize how much I like teaching with my real companion. He is way smart. He has kept a 4.0 through High School and Collge and got a 34 on the ACT. I encourage you to get the book Our Search For Happiness and maybe read it as individuals or as a family. I really like that book. I also would love it if you got one for Kourtney for me. I'm not going to lie, some days at times can be very hard. The thought of my old life kind being done for two years, and not having free time anymore can be hard. I realize later when pondering or reading scriptures that these are selfish thoughts. Last night was really good for me. My testimony is at this point stronger than it's ever been. A lot of districts from my zone are leaving next week. They all got reassigned. I see Elders from back home all the time. Kandis do you remember a Garner kid in your grade? I think his name was Dallin. I see his brother Seth all the time. Dain Murdock just got here and his room is only a few away from mine. The other day while Elder Baldwin was showering some other guys from the district snook in the bathroom and dumped snow on him. I'm having fun and at times the time flies by. Oh I also encourage you to look up the talk Character of Christ by Elder Bednar, and the Mormon Message Earthly Father Heavenly Father. We do these things called Trc's. It's when people come that speak Portuguese we talk to them and teach them a little. I picture it being how dinner appointments are. Last week when we did them me and my companion met this guy who served in Manaus who was from Curitiba Brazil. He told us it was hot and that even the showers were hot. We shared a little bit of gospel and then talked about Manaus. Our teacher after told us she observed we had too much small talk. I was way annoyed with that. Out of the twenty mintues we were teaching gospel for atleast 10 of them. Me and my companion our teaching the Plan of Salvation in District Meeting. I'm good with that because it's my favorite subject in the gospel. I wonder all the time what Manaus heat will feel like. The only thing I can picture is Southern Utah heat with warm water in the air. Kandis I liked the picture of Ash. Keep the dogs safe and healthy so I can see them when I get back. ( Even Angel). I got a letter from Grandma and it was great. She sent me fancy stamps with trees on them. She wrote in cursive and it was way hard to even read, but I think I understood most of it. She talked about missionaries from her family like Uncle Jan.
Well I love you all and hope you have a good week.
-Elder Kendall

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