Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week 4 - 1/25/13

Hey everyone!
This week was pretty good, and it went by fast. We had some Elders in my district getting sick. I've been alright though. I've been taking my vitamins, eating healthy, and praying for health. My friend Elder Bischoff in my district is who I run with almost every day. He has told me all these cool tricks his coach used to tell him. Like tricks for relieving side aches, and also if you're getting a sore throat to gargle some listerine because the alchol will kill bacteria in your throat. A new district came on Wednesday and they are on the 6 week program. They have 13 elders and 1 sister. On my Lds portal  says I'm going to Maceio. I'm a little confused with that. Maybe I got reassigned..... I went to the temple today and me and my companion did sealings. That was good. Kandis thanks for the package. I hope you had an amazing birthday, and I will be sending you a heartfelt personal letter soon. We always have funny arguments in my district about John Stockton and Cam Levins being ripped and having better bodies than NBA players. We also debate about NBA player mile times. Most of my district claims Lebron James can run a 4:20. Kody please send me pictures of John Stockton and Cam Levins. The food is still alright. Some days are better than others. Elder Kohle Perkes didn't get his visa and will be here another week and a half. He then will get reassigned state side. Not a lot has changed. The portuguese is coming along really well. The other day I met an elder from Sao Paulo Brazil who is going to Massachusetts portuguese speaking. I had him talk fast in Portuguese and I could understand it. He told me if I could understand him then I will be fine. The first investigator we taught is now our teacher. Her name is Sister Steinbeigle and she is good. She cared a lot about us always tries to make sure we're studying. Eles chamem me Festa menino Kendall aqui! Eu acredito que Jesus Cristo e o Filho de Deus. Nos podemos ganhar a testemunho ao estudando nos escrituras. O Evangehlo e veradiero! Eu amo voces.
-Elder Kendall

Elder Kendall and Elder Bananiera, from Guadalupe
Elder Kendall and Elder Perkes!

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