Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 2

Hey everyone! It's great to get and read your emails and letters. Thank you for the coat, brownies and garments. There was enough brownies for me to share some with my roommates and have plenty for myself. They said to tell you thanks and that they liked them. Well I can already feel myself changing right now. Those first few days went by really slow, but time is flying now. I love my district. I get along with them all pretty well. I'm feeling the spirit, learning a lot about the gospel. The language is coming along well, and I think I'm going to become fluent really quick. It's easy for me to speak, but can at times be hard to understand. People slur words together and talk really fast. We taught a fake investigator named Patricia and by yesterday were doing it without really using notes. We got her to commit to being baptized. My teacher's name is Sister Hart. She is beautiful and great. The food is alright I am eating a lot and not getting sick off it.

There's a kid in my district named Elder Bischoff and I run with him at least every other day for gym. They say the mile is 10 laps, but I know it's way off. I think it's 9. We went and were trying to break the mile record and were pushing each other. If it was 9 he was 4:47 and I was 4:52. They claim it's 10 which made us in the 5:20's. He is a really good runner. He had asthma and still ran a 4:38 in high school. We don't run a lot of miles, but we run hard and fast. We also do leg exercises on weight machines after.I play basketball on other days and there's some good kids in my district. There's 6 total that played highschool and are solid. I think we could honestly beat any other district in a game.

So the other night I had this dream that I went to the mtc in late November. They had everyone come home for Christmas break. I was a hometown hero. Everyone wanted to talk to me about the MTC, and a really attractive girl wanted to date me. It was awesome until I woke up.... I realized that nothing of the sort will be happening anytime soon. The shower sandals are great, oh and mom when you packed my shampoo and shower gel you crammed them in under stuff and they got squeezed out. It's good though. 

I'm not sure if it's such a good idea to have you visit me at the airport. It might be really hard for everyone i'll debate it and pray and let you know. We went to the temple today and it was great. We can't listen to music and it's been hard, but I've been obedient so far. We also can't cut our own hair which is a joke. On Sunday at the devotional some big bald guy who reminded me of a bald raging man got on stage and started yelling into the microphone about how he didn't care if we only had one suit and it was being dry cleaned! We had to wear a suit even if we had to borrow one that didn't fit or match. I think you would look better with just a plain white shirt at that point. 

Kandis on my blog do it with weeks. This would be week 2. My letter home last week was number 1. Dad that is great you've had a lot of work and are an Elders Quorum 1st president. Kody I'll send a letter for you and Trevor soon. We don't get a lot of email time. Kandis good job with nurse school. I'm proud of you for that. I love the feeling I have right now of working hard and being productive especially for such a good cause of bringing the gospel to others. I'll let you know about the airport, but if not i'll send home a box with my coat, and I'll definitely call. I'm doing well and liking the missionary life. This is definitely not that hard. We study a lot, but also talk a lot and have a good time. I expect the beginning of the field to be the real hard part . I heard the reason they only want you to write on p-days and only email family is because they want you to rely on the Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as your main support. I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you next week.

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