Friday, January 4, 2013

elder kendall has reported to the MTC!!!!

hello everyone, kandis here! we haven't heard from elder kendall yet, but i just wanted to post a little about dropping him off at the mtc.

first of all, it was quite a blessing to have kourtney and beau in town last weekend before he left.

and two weeks before that, his farewell was fantastic! it was crazy how many people were there and it was awesome to see him get so much support from friends and family! and i was so proud at how great his talk was. he'll sure be great out there.

so wednesday morning elder kason kendall was set apart as a missionary and afterwards received a father's blessing from our dad. his promises and blessings in both were beautiful and it was incredible to be able to hear him get set apart as a missionary and witness the spirit that comes with that calling.

after rounding up some last minute packing, which included searching the house high and low for his camera (we found it already packed in his backpack), he said goodbye to the dogs (it's crazy how hard that could be), and we left to get some brunch.

we ate in bountiful then headed down to provo. we stopped at the temple before dropping him off at the mtc and took some pictures and then said one more family prayer in the car before going to the mtc. 

we had been told to say our goodbyes before getting to the mtc because he would be whisked away the moment he got out of the car, but he actually wasn't hit over the head and stuffed into a bag when we pulled up to the curb. we had a few extra minutes to get big hugs from our missionary before he headed inside and how grateful i am for that! one of the missionaries picking him up at the curb said that he had been in manaus for two summers and that it is the most beautiful place on earth! the other missionary assured us they would take good care of him.

what is more important to me is that i know the Lord will take good care of him. it's really hard to say goodbye to my little brother, but nothing brings me more peace than to know that he is serving the Lord and that he's in the Lord's hands.

[our faces look funny in some of these pictures because the sun was shining in our eyes]


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