Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week 4 - 1/25/13

Hey everyone!
This week was pretty good, and it went by fast. We had some Elders in my district getting sick. I've been alright though. I've been taking my vitamins, eating healthy, and praying for health. My friend Elder Bischoff in my district is who I run with almost every day. He has told me all these cool tricks his coach used to tell him. Like tricks for relieving side aches, and also if you're getting a sore throat to gargle some listerine because the alchol will kill bacteria in your throat. A new district came on Wednesday and they are on the 6 week program. They have 13 elders and 1 sister. On my Lds portal  says I'm going to Maceio. I'm a little confused with that. Maybe I got reassigned..... I went to the temple today and me and my companion did sealings. That was good. Kandis thanks for the package. I hope you had an amazing birthday, and I will be sending you a heartfelt personal letter soon. We always have funny arguments in my district about John Stockton and Cam Levins being ripped and having better bodies than NBA players. We also debate about NBA player mile times. Most of my district claims Lebron James can run a 4:20. Kody please send me pictures of John Stockton and Cam Levins. The food is still alright. Some days are better than others. Elder Kohle Perkes didn't get his visa and will be here another week and a half. He then will get reassigned state side. Not a lot has changed. The portuguese is coming along really well. The other day I met an elder from Sao Paulo Brazil who is going to Massachusetts portuguese speaking. I had him talk fast in Portuguese and I could understand it. He told me if I could understand him then I will be fine. The first investigator we taught is now our teacher. Her name is Sister Steinbeigle and she is good. She cared a lot about us always tries to make sure we're studying. Eles chamem me Festa menino Kendall aqui! Eu acredito que Jesus Cristo e o Filho de Deus. Nos podemos ganhar a testemunho ao estudando nos escrituras. O Evangehlo e veradiero! Eu amo voces.
-Elder Kendall

Elder Kendall and Elder Bananiera, from Guadalupe
Elder Kendall and Elder Perkes!

Friday, January 18, 2013

week 3 - mtc buddies

Hey everyone!
This week went by really fast! It's good to get emails and letters from you. I really enjoy those. Mom thanks for that story by Ronna. I'm glad I got to go with you to Seattle and meet Kyle and the rest of her family. Kandis thanks for your sunday message you sent me! We have times where we share spiritual messages with the class, and they all seemed to like it. Dad that is way cool about the jazz winning the heat the other night. Mom yes I met your friends son Elder Baker he took a picture of us with his camera and said he would sent it to his mom, who would send a picture to you. I've been seeing lots of missionaries from Bountiful High. I see Elder Perkes a lot and eat lunch with him sometimes. He's here for another week and a half. His visa still hasn't come yet, and there's a chance of him getting reassigned state side. I've heard nothing about our visas and we might be reassigned state side. We had a devotional Tuesday night with Jeffrey R. Holland he said some amazing things such as the church needs the best missionaries it's ever had, and old prophets knowing we would succeed, so it helped them keep working. He told us we better come back with atleast one convert, and it better be ourselves. He dedicated 3 new buildings and said a powerful dedicatory prayer blessing the buildings to be safe, and no one being able to come and harm the missionaries.
 So let me explain the kids from my district a little more. Theres's Elder Dygert and Redmond both are from Idaho. Elder Dygert is a tall farm boy. He is really funny and I always sing the Party Dygert anthem to him. His companion is Elder Redmond. He likes music. There's Elder Bishoff and Marlow. Elder Bischoff is way funny. He plays piano and runs. He is the one I run with a few times a week. He can push me hard. He has asthma and still ran a 4:38 in High School. His team won state xc and he's all state in track and xc. Elder Marlow is way knowledgeable about the gospel. He's lived in Europe when his dad was in the army. All the elders I just named are going to Recife Brazil.
There's Elder Madrid and Worthen. Elder Madrid is tall mexican looking and is really good at basketball. He played for his highschool in California. Elder Worthen is from California and is  short , really funny, and wrestled in High School. These are two of my favorite elders and we joke around a lot together. There's also a trio Elder Woolstenhulme, Elder Earl, and Elder Baker. All of their names are Jake. Isn't that crazy? Elder Woolstenhulme graduated in 2011 and ran with Elder Bischoff in High School. He did marine training last year. He ran a 2:03 half mile. Elder Earl is really smart, he has glasses and is way classy. Elder Earl and Woolstenhulme are from Idaho. Elder Baker is from Cedar City. I don't know a whole lot about him except he kissed a lot of girls and did gymnastics. He is pretty cool. These Elders are all going to Riberio Prato Brazil
The Manaus Elders: Elder Sanford. He is around 6 ft 2 he played highschool basketball for Herriman. He is really really focused. Elder Baldwin is from Arizona he is 6 ft 5 and played high school basketball. He is really funny and goofy. I'm a big fan of him and he's our district leader I always say to him after he does something wierd. Voce grande Noob. The translation for that is you big noob! We always sing this song about speaking our language we made up. Elder Nielsen my companion is from Idaho he was S.B.O president has a good family. He has a girlfriend that runs and two twin sisters in highschool that also do. He played football and played basketball until his senior year. He read Diary of a wimpy kid books also. The Manaus Elders are my roommates.
We talk and have kinds of cool conversations in our district about deep doctrine, marrige, polygamy and all kinds of things. This last sunday we had a Devotional, and the conductor made us sing scatter the smiles and sunshine. Look it up it sounds like it should be sung be leprechauns, not 2000 19-20 year old men. She made us restart about 3 times because we weren't singing it perfect enough for her. I'll try to send pictures of the elders from my district. It's good to be going into Manaus with my roommates. They are all good guys. There was a fire in the kitchen just barely so it had to clear up. Oh and mom I wrote grandma a letter today and will send it today or tomorrow. I'm getting more revelation and feeling the spirit more than I ever have in my life. Eu amo voces. Eu acredito en o evangelho com meu coracao. Eu sou grato por Jesus Cristo e seu expiaco. If you want to know what I said copy and paste it on google translate. Oh and the Provo Temple is my new favorite.
-Elder Kendall

elder perkes eating lunch...
elder kendall with elder dredge
elder kendall with elder shields!!!
elder kendall and elder madrid
elders baldwin and sanford
elder worthen
elder dygert and redmond

Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 2

Hey everyone! It's great to get and read your emails and letters. Thank you for the coat, brownies and garments. There was enough brownies for me to share some with my roommates and have plenty for myself. They said to tell you thanks and that they liked them. Well I can already feel myself changing right now. Those first few days went by really slow, but time is flying now. I love my district. I get along with them all pretty well. I'm feeling the spirit, learning a lot about the gospel. The language is coming along well, and I think I'm going to become fluent really quick. It's easy for me to speak, but can at times be hard to understand. People slur words together and talk really fast. We taught a fake investigator named Patricia and by yesterday were doing it without really using notes. We got her to commit to being baptized. My teacher's name is Sister Hart. She is beautiful and great. The food is alright I am eating a lot and not getting sick off it.

There's a kid in my district named Elder Bischoff and I run with him at least every other day for gym. They say the mile is 10 laps, but I know it's way off. I think it's 9. We went and were trying to break the mile record and were pushing each other. If it was 9 he was 4:47 and I was 4:52. They claim it's 10 which made us in the 5:20's. He is a really good runner. He had asthma and still ran a 4:38 in high school. We don't run a lot of miles, but we run hard and fast. We also do leg exercises on weight machines after.I play basketball on other days and there's some good kids in my district. There's 6 total that played highschool and are solid. I think we could honestly beat any other district in a game.

So the other night I had this dream that I went to the mtc in late November. They had everyone come home for Christmas break. I was a hometown hero. Everyone wanted to talk to me about the MTC, and a really attractive girl wanted to date me. It was awesome until I woke up.... I realized that nothing of the sort will be happening anytime soon. The shower sandals are great, oh and mom when you packed my shampoo and shower gel you crammed them in under stuff and they got squeezed out. It's good though. 

I'm not sure if it's such a good idea to have you visit me at the airport. It might be really hard for everyone i'll debate it and pray and let you know. We went to the temple today and it was great. We can't listen to music and it's been hard, but I've been obedient so far. We also can't cut our own hair which is a joke. On Sunday at the devotional some big bald guy who reminded me of a bald raging man got on stage and started yelling into the microphone about how he didn't care if we only had one suit and it was being dry cleaned! We had to wear a suit even if we had to borrow one that didn't fit or match. I think you would look better with just a plain white shirt at that point. 

Kandis on my blog do it with weeks. This would be week 2. My letter home last week was number 1. Dad that is great you've had a lot of work and are an Elders Quorum 1st president. Kody I'll send a letter for you and Trevor soon. We don't get a lot of email time. Kandis good job with nurse school. I'm proud of you for that. I love the feeling I have right now of working hard and being productive especially for such a good cause of bringing the gospel to others. I'll let you know about the airport, but if not i'll send home a box with my coat, and I'll definitely call. I'm doing well and liking the missionary life. This is definitely not that hard. We study a lot, but also talk a lot and have a good time. I expect the beginning of the field to be the real hard part . I heard the reason they only want you to write on p-days and only email family is because they want you to rely on the Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as your main support. I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you next week.

Week 1

[this is a letter we got last saturday, jan. 5th]

Dear Mom and family

Hey! I'm in my room right now. I'm in a room with four guys who are going to Manaus! We are all between 6 ft - 6 ft 5. Elder Baldwin, in my room, is the district leader. He's 6 ft 5. My companion's name is Elder Nielson. He's great! He ran track and played football and basketball. He has a huge heart and talked about his little brother who is in a wheelchair. I think he will teach me a lot about compassion. I've really felt the spirit here. I'm learning a lot and I believe this is the best place I can be. I would be completely lying if I said I wasn't feeling homesick. I've realized now more than I ever have, how much I love all of you. Last night we had a mock lesson. There was an investigator whose family died. Hearing others speak and share doctrine about families being together forever was amazing. I felt the spirit. I have a really solid district, and my branch president is a runner. My testimony is growing every minute here. I don't have a perfect knowledge but I know I'll grow a lot. I didn't really mention it, but when I get set apart I instantly had a desire to be obedient and have been. I've seen Kohle, Adam Anderson, and Cody Moore. The language is going great. I feel good about it, and don't believe I'll have a problem with it. My first p-day isn't until January 11th. I can't email until then. I love you.

Love, Elder Kendall

Friday, January 4, 2013

elder kendall has reported to the MTC!!!!

hello everyone, kandis here! we haven't heard from elder kendall yet, but i just wanted to post a little about dropping him off at the mtc.

first of all, it was quite a blessing to have kourtney and beau in town last weekend before he left.

and two weeks before that, his farewell was fantastic! it was crazy how many people were there and it was awesome to see him get so much support from friends and family! and i was so proud at how great his talk was. he'll sure be great out there.

so wednesday morning elder kason kendall was set apart as a missionary and afterwards received a father's blessing from our dad. his promises and blessings in both were beautiful and it was incredible to be able to hear him get set apart as a missionary and witness the spirit that comes with that calling.

after rounding up some last minute packing, which included searching the house high and low for his camera (we found it already packed in his backpack), he said goodbye to the dogs (it's crazy how hard that could be), and we left to get some brunch.

we ate in bountiful then headed down to provo. we stopped at the temple before dropping him off at the mtc and took some pictures and then said one more family prayer in the car before going to the mtc. 

we had been told to say our goodbyes before getting to the mtc because he would be whisked away the moment he got out of the car, but he actually wasn't hit over the head and stuffed into a bag when we pulled up to the curb. we had a few extra minutes to get big hugs from our missionary before he headed inside and how grateful i am for that! one of the missionaries picking him up at the curb said that he had been in manaus for two summers and that it is the most beautiful place on earth! the other missionary assured us they would take good care of him.

what is more important to me is that i know the Lord will take good care of him. it's really hard to say goodbye to my little brother, but nothing brings me more peace than to know that he is serving the Lord and that he's in the Lord's hands.

[our faces look funny in some of these pictures because the sun was shining in our eyes]