Sunday, March 24, 2013

3/18/13 - MANAUS!!!

[sorry about all the oriental symbols, i guess the keyboard is different where he's at?]

Alright so I磛e been living in Manaus for about a week. My first night when we got off the plane and were walking down a dark crazy alley that smelledI realized I am in South America. I磎 living in the city Manaus and am with a Brazilian trainer. I actually can understand about 70-80% of what he says because he is from Sao Paulo. People from Sao Paulo speak clearly. People in Manaus talk crazy. They prounounce Esta Esssshhhhtaaaaaa. We are with the zone leaders a lot who are also Brazilian. I get along with them great and they tell me I磎 way cool. There磗 groups in this mission. There磗 some annoying americans who seriously make up rules and then try to enforce them for other missionaries. There is some disobedience. Let磗 just say I磎 up showering and getting ready alone. I创m going to be obedient.. It磗 really not that hot. I sweat but it rains a ton. It is pretty hot, but it磗 bearable. During september and october it will get very hot. I prepared myself very well mentally for some things. One thing I wasn磘 prepared for is how filthy this city is. There磗 garbage everywhere and it smells horrible sometimes. I see tons of rats and roaches and big ones too. The brazilian elders told me the rats I saw which I thought were good sized are small for here. I haven磘 seen one spider or monkey. Manaus doesn磘 really have that. It磗 other more jungly areas like Rio Branco. I want to be in Rio Branco during August September and October. It磗 an area that all missionaries love and it磗 way far from Manaus. It磗 next to Bolivia and about 4 hours away from Macchu Pichu. It磗 a jungly area and is more clean. It has tons of monkeys snakes and spiders. The missionaries say that they磛e never had one crawl across them during the night. My room I sleep in has airconditioning and it feels great. This city has a lot of sin. People are crazy they play brazilian funk music which has the worst message imaginable. A lot of the people act like they don磘 care about anything they just play brazilian music, break the law of chastity, and sleep during the day. One thing that is really hard for me to see is the animal problem. This city has tons of cats and dogs. And they die all the time. People run them over and it磗 way sad. I saw one dog get hit by a car my first day, but it ran off limping. I磛e seen atleast 3 cats that had been ran over and one dog. It磗 sad to see that. The kids here are great. They are really kind. They always come and try to talk english with me. One day it was raining and a dog was shivering and I saw some kids trying to put boxes over it and help it. I feel comfortable when we磖e in our apartment, but when we磖e out walking I磎 in shock a little still. The Sao Paulo Elders say this isn磘 a great city. They were even in shock when they arrived. There is one really nice rich area of the city and it磗 really pretty. That磗 where the temple is. From what I磛e heard this is the highest baptizing mission in the world. Some missionaries literally get 100磗. This is crazy for me and I磎 not going to lie this has been one of the hardest and craziest weeks of my life, but I do feel like this is where I should be and this is the mission for me. I love you all and hope to here from you.

Elder Hales (North Carolina) 
Elder Lalli (North Carolina)
Elder Steenson (North Carolina) 
Elder Risenmay (North Carolina) 
Manaus temple
 Kason's apartment in Manaus

 Kason's Brazil companion
 outside the apartment
 the city

 his first day there- pouring rain
 view from the mission home
Kason's mission president and president's wife

3/4/13 - in north carolina

We actually got this email on 3/11, the day kason flew out to brazil!!

Hello everyone,
This has been a crazy week. I'm sorry about the calling situation mom. They made it sound like the card had a lot of minutes and it didn't. I will get to skype on mother's day. My trainer's names are Elder Hales and Elder Steenson. They are zone leaders and I really like being around them. The first night we flew in we stayed at the mission home. I really like President Craven, and his wife Sister Craven. He is strict, but he is very professional. They stressed with the Assistant's the importance of being confident, and dignified as we are representing the savior. They do this technique called harvesting here that is really good. We knock on a door and tell them we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we would like to come in and bless their home. If they let us we leave the Savior's peace and blessing on them and try to set up a return appointment. I can't believe I've only been here a week. There are some amazing new convert families. Most the people we teach are black, but most of the members are white. This one family the Bowie's who I really love, are bringing a lot of people into the gospel. I really am loving it here. I'm doing my best to be diligent and obedient. We do get to listen to music as long as it's uplifting and in line with our purpose. We listen a lot to the Nasvhille Missionary Tribute Band. Haha I've never liked country, but when it's one of the few things you can listen to it starts to sound good. So my very first night as we were knocking we came in contact with a potential investigator who's nickname is Tree. He's about 6 foot 8 and 300 pounds. We were talking about religion and he was getting excited and yelling about truth. " I told him every religion has some truth, but this is the full truth." It was really crazy. It's really important to be bold here. You need to be loving, but it's important to tell investigators what they need to hear, especially when they aren't keeping commitments. A lof of the people we teach are very humble, but they aren't the most stable of people. I feel really comfortable teaching already. One day we knocked on a door and tried to bless the home. It was this old couple, but instead they had us come in and sing with them. He played a banjo and we sang " How Great Thou Art." I have had some really crazy experiences here already. This one day we went and checked up on an old investigator and taught her. At the end of the lesson she started crying and said " I'm really stressed out, and if you hadn't come today I don't know if I would be here tomorrow." She had a daughter there. It was really kind of sad. I'm glad we were doing what we were supposed to. We aren't supposed to email friends in this mission so can you forward my emails. The members here are great and we have a dinner appointment every single night. I still think about home a lot, but it's not as much about missing it. It's more motivation to work, so I can feel good about my mission when I come back. One quote I really like that President Craven said was " You only have 2 years to serve a mission and an eternity to think about it." I saw a cockroach today in the bathroom. It's pretty humid here. I think I'll be here into the summer, which is alright. It gets really hot here in the summer. I'm good with that because I need to get used to heat with humidity as much as I can. Elder Dan Fisher is in my apartment. He went to Bountiful High and was in my seminary class twice. It's kind of frustrating here. Almost everyone has faith in Jesus Christ, but they think they can go to their Non-Denominational Church and do whatever they want and they will still be saved. People don't realize faith without works is dead. I'm feeling the spirit a lot and I think I'm becoming the kind of man I want to be. I make my companions laugh a lot, and I've realized I can be way funny even without Pierre. Elder Hales is getting transfered tomorrow. He is probably my favorite in the apartment. Alright well I love you all and hope to here from you soon. Send me a letter, because I need mail to get a free library card. If not I have to pay 2 dollars every time. My address is
6300 1-A Cameron Forest Lane
Charlotte, NC 28210
Kandis I've heard about Dan Lalli a lot since I'm also from Bountiful. I've heard he is a really good missionary. My trainers have told me is very bold and confident when he teaches. I also talked to Alyssa Eyring at the MTC she is really nice.
-Elder Kendall

Thursday, March 7, 2013

North Carolina to Brazil!

i was able to talk to kason on the phone before he flew to North Carolina! for some reason he wasn't able to email much on his p-day, but the stake president just got his itinery and....he's going to brazil!!! on monday! i don't know any of the details but in he meantime here's some pictures from the mtc and north carolina:

elder kendall and elder murdock

some elders from the mtc district

elder kendall and elder everett

"madness in north carolina"

his trainers in north carolina

elder haddock, elder parry, and elder kendall

elder kendall and elder worthen

elder kendall and elder woolstenhulme

elder nielson and elder worthen - two of kason's favorites

i miss my brother like crazy but i am so excited for his next adventure!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

2/23/13 Heading to North Carolina!

My mom got a call on Thursday from Kason saying he was going to the North Carolina Charlotte mission, leaving on Monday! This is his e-mail this week:

Hey everyone!
This week was good, but still a little hard. I just barely went to the temple and that was great, but I left my watch in the temple pants there. We went back and luckily found them, but it scared me a little. Yesterday was in-field orientation and it was a really long day. We were in the same rooms for literally 8 hours with not gym time or anything like that. I did learn a lot though about how to get investigators, and work through members. I'm very excited to do the real thing. Thursday we found out we were getting reassigned. It was great to talk to Mom and Kody on the phone. I bought a phone card and plan to use it at the airport. My first flight is for about 7:30. I can call in the morning, but it will be really early. I would call about 6:00. I can also call again in the afternoon at about 1:00. My card has 500 minutes and I think it takes 100 every time to connect you. I will first call with quarters to make sure someone answers then I'll call with my card. Email me and let me know. Wednesday was my 2nd week hosting. That is good, but it's kind of hard and sad. You see all these Elders and Sisters getting dropped off at the curb, and their families are crying. It made me think back to that 7 1/2 weeks ago. Elder Sanford and Baldwin became zone leaders. I love Elder Baldwin and hope we are companions at some point. I have a feeling I will be in North Carolina for a while and I'm alright with that. Before I got my call I thought I would experience a state-side mission anyways. I'm fine with this. I'll get to have two mission experiences and know what a state side, and a foriegn mission are like. This mtc experience has been good for me. I've been able to study and learn how to better teach, I've learned a lot with Portuguese, my own knowledge and testimony have increased, I've met some great young men that will become some life long friends, and I've had a lot of time for self-evaluation. I've been able to think about my life, and the experiences I've had. I've been able to think about how I want to improve over these next two years. Overall it's been a good experience. There's been some things that were hard, but the mtc was honestly better than I thought it would be. Mom thanks for the pictures you sent me along with the backpack yesterday. Yeah I'm not sure about the mailing address at all. I'll find out once I get there. Let me know where Trevor gets his call to. I love you all have a great week.
Elder Kendall and Elder Josh Buenher 
in the church news! Kendall and Elder Diniero

Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 7 in MTC: 2/15/13

Hey everyone!
Well last night my companion got really sick so I went back to residence with him. I got to write some letters and study a little bit while he slept. There were some polynesians going crazy doing a work out down stairs. You know their yells they always do. My companion slept through it though. So Brother Christofferson I told you about him in the email last week. I seriously love this guy. This week he was teaching us and he got on a tangeant with spiritual gifts. It was something I greatly needed to here. He said that he had the gift of Discernment. I think I've learned what my spiritual gift is. It is really cool. It's kind of in my patricarchal blessing, but I don't know if I've always had. I think it's something I've developed a little bit. I haven't gotten a hair cut in 5 weeks. I didn't sign up on time the last 2 weeks, but I got signed up on time for this week and will get one today. Missionaries are supposed to be clean cut, but this is the longest my hair has been in atleast a year. It's because they don't want you to cut your own here. I'm debating if I should send my hair cut kid back home. It's 4 pounds and it might make it easier to make my weight requirements. Mom thanks for the valentine's package and card. Also thanks for the jump rope. I think that will be a really good form of exercise when my companion won't let me go run. I'm not going to lie this food is starting to become horrible to me. Someone said it's like the church's food storage and bishop store house food.  I don't think it's real, and even the things that are supposed to be healthy aren't. I kind of understand though because they have to feed 4,000 missionaries 3 meals a day. That's one thing I'm way excited for is eating real food. I meet Brazilians here all the time, and I love them. Brazilians are the nicest coolest people in the world. Besides my companion right now I think I'll like the Brazilians and get along with them better than the Americans. The other night I had a really cool experience where I was teaching someone and my friend was baring testimony about Christ and the spirit was very strong. I felt a prompting and after he was done speaking I turned to the investigator and said " How do you feel right now?" He said " I feel good, and happy!" I told him that that was the Holy Ghost bearing witness to him that this is true. I then asked him if he would be baptized and he said yes. It was a very good spiritual experience. I've learned that all good things come from god, and so if something good comes into your head, don't question whether it's your own thoughts or the spirit. That can be how the spirit communicates. I hope everything is going well with all of you. Haha so this week I got to my room and there was a note that said to get the room clean, because two new elders were moving in on Wednesday. We already have 4 in our room, and don't have extra beds or closet space. They were also delivering bunkbeds to dorms this week. I thought they had make a mistake, but we went in on Wednesday and there was luggage on my bed and some on the floor. There was also two new mattresses leaned up against the wall. I couldn't believe it. Later that night other Elder's from my district came in and asked for their mattresses back. They had planned the whole thing out and found that note. It actually made me really thankful that even though the rooms are small, we atleast have our own beds, desks, and closet space. I hope you all have a great week. Eu amo vocês!
                                                 -Elder Kendall

manaus spider

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 6 2/8/13

Hey everyone! This week kind of went by fast, but not really at the same time. We had fast sunday on sunday. The way it is set up for us is that we have dinner at 4:30 on Saturday night, and then gym 5:15-6:15. Then there are no more meals served at the mtc and we have dinner at 5:30 on Sunday. Dad to answer your question we are only supposed to read emails and send them on Friday. We can read letters at night on any day. We used to be able to read letters during the day, but Elder Redmond was having a hard time focusing after getting a letter from his girl friend every single day. He would sit, read, and ponder instead of studying and now no one in our district can read them until night... One thing that stood out to me a few weeks ago in a district meeting Brother Christofferson who is a counselor in our Branch Presidency told us that there were people that had bugged him and he didn't really like. He told us an apostle told him if we sincerely pray to be able to love them that Christ will take the hate out or our hearts. He said he did this and it worked for him. Brother Christofferson is related to Elder Christofferson. I trule belive his words. Another night he told us a story of when his son's wife was pregnant and a few months before she had the baby there were complications. They called him to come and give a blessing. On the way he prayed to know what to say, and he said he felt like the spirit told him to say what came to his mind and that it would be honored. He went and gave a blessing that everything woul be fine and the baby would be healthy. The complications were very serious and the chances were that the baby would either die, or be handicapped. The night he told us this he smiled and told us he was going to his grandson's ninth birthday party tomorrow and that he has been healthy his whole life. He told us he was glad he was thankful for the priesthood and that he had been worthy to exercise it. I believe this story. Elder Perkes is now gone. I'm glad I got to see him again here in the MTC. Have a great week everyone. Eu amo voces.
-Elder Kendall

Elder Ginez

Elder Kendall and Elder Perkes

Elder Brady

Week 5 2/1/13

Hey everyone!
It seems like last p-day was not very long ago. So Kohle's visa didn't come and he got reassigned. Haha guess where? Salt Lake City South...... That sounds horrible. He was supposed to have a reassignment sooner, but the travel agency wasn't on top of it. I feel like my portuguese is coming along great. The future and past conjugations can be a little hard, but I feel like I'm getting it. Last Saturday for gym time I ran a 23:45 for 4 miles. We did companion exchanges for a few lessons this week. I had Elder Madrid and Woolstenhulme. It made me realize how much I like teaching with my real companion. He is way smart. He has kept a 4.0 through High School and Collge and got a 34 on the ACT. I encourage you to get the book Our Search For Happiness and maybe read it as individuals or as a family. I really like that book. I also would love it if you got one for Kourtney for me. I'm not going to lie, some days at times can be very hard. The thought of my old life kind being done for two years, and not having free time anymore can be hard. I realize later when pondering or reading scriptures that these are selfish thoughts. Last night was really good for me. My testimony is at this point stronger than it's ever been. A lot of districts from my zone are leaving next week. They all got reassigned. I see Elders from back home all the time. Kandis do you remember a Garner kid in your grade? I think his name was Dallin. I see his brother Seth all the time. Dain Murdock just got here and his room is only a few away from mine. The other day while Elder Baldwin was showering some other guys from the district snook in the bathroom and dumped snow on him. I'm having fun and at times the time flies by. Oh I also encourage you to look up the talk Character of Christ by Elder Bednar, and the Mormon Message Earthly Father Heavenly Father. We do these things called Trc's. It's when people come that speak Portuguese we talk to them and teach them a little. I picture it being how dinner appointments are. Last week when we did them me and my companion met this guy who served in Manaus who was from Curitiba Brazil. He told us it was hot and that even the showers were hot. We shared a little bit of gospel and then talked about Manaus. Our teacher after told us she observed we had too much small talk. I was way annoyed with that. Out of the twenty mintues we were teaching gospel for atleast 10 of them. Me and my companion our teaching the Plan of Salvation in District Meeting. I'm good with that because it's my favorite subject in the gospel. I wonder all the time what Manaus heat will feel like. The only thing I can picture is Southern Utah heat with warm water in the air. Kandis I liked the picture of Ash. Keep the dogs safe and healthy so I can see them when I get back. ( Even Angel). I got a letter from Grandma and it was great. She sent me fancy stamps with trees on them. She wrote in cursive and it was way hard to even read, but I think I understood most of it. She talked about missionaries from her family like Uncle Jan.
Well I love you all and hope you have a good week.
-Elder Kendall